So love the expression! I could look at your images all day, just makes me smile!


Please keep these BEAUTIFUL pictures coming!!! They are day brighteners. I could look through an entire album of them if it were available!!!! CAN‘ T GET ENOUGH!!!! I SAVE EVERYONE TO MY ALBUM ON MY PHONE


I so love your photography of the Eagles…thank you!


There are not enough words to describe this beauty!! Looks like he/she is ready to defend Our Country!! Love, love, love this picture!!


A comment to Mr. MASHAGHATIS PHOTOGRAPHY, TO capture a bird this size, anything as far as that goes,is so awesome! I can’t get over the details…


It’s such a great feeling to see Eagles! And you do such Amazing photography!!have a Happy Weekend! (Oiyoki’phi’Okoi’hanke‘)


Wow and double Wow, Look what you have captured, Strength, Movement, Focus and such beauty. A moment in time


I can’t thank you enough for sharing this and other absolutely stunning pictures of the eagle!!! I have it on my desk top and it takes my breath every time to see this majestic bird up close and personal… thank you from the bottom of my heart heart emoticon !!!


Awesome pic! You are blessed and you bless so many with your wonderful pics! Thank you! And thanks for sharing with us who is behind the camera and who is by your side!You are a beautiful couple! Thanks for doing what you do! I appreciate it!


I have to say,, you do some brilliant work,!!! I scrolled down the photos in your site and they all are just magnificent,, so beautiful,, when I click on one and it’s up close, it looks 3D, like I could absolutely touch the eagles , etc,!!!! Awesome.!!!